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If you are a newspaper or magazine editor and you need a reporter or snapper to cover a story for you somewhere in Europe then look no further.

We provide the latest on music, movie and celebrity news across Europe and the entire world.

Our string of inside sources and tipsters, including bodyguards, yacht crew, villa and hotel staff across the planet, guarantee that we deliver top-notch exclusive celebrity gossip.

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Who did we reveal to the world is expecting a baby boy?

What did we find out that Cameron Diaz bought for Justin Timberlake for xmas?

When did Brad and Angelina first get it on?

Where did Russell Crowe get wife Danielle pregnant for the second time?

How did Robbie Williams respond to Heidi Sugababe beating him to no.1?

All Major European events covered - filmsets, concerts, premieres, grand prix, festivals as well as candid news!
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